"It's blown me away...

I wasn't expecting that!"

Experience and learn Reiki in a combination of online and in-person sessions with myself, Christina Costa.  I specialise in the self-development side of Reiki and use lots of intuitive techniques and approaches not commonly used in the West.


Christina is a fully accredited member of the UK Reiki Federation and self-regulated by the UK governmental body the CNHC.

Reiki Course Reviews:

"Reiki makes me feel lighter.  It's like taking off a heavy jacket."

I'm proud to have trained extensively with the Reiki Academy London.  As a Reiki Master / Teacher, I have also completed Reiki Levels I and II as well as Intuitive Reiki and Reiki Professional Practice Courses.  On top of this, I completed the Reiki Diploma Course which gives me the credentials to register with the CNHC (the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council).  Please check my credentials at www.cnhcregister.org.uk.  This is a national register guaranteeing high standards of training, professional practice and conduct.

The majority of my professional experience has been from my position as a Reiki Therapist at a local hospice.  It was my privilege to be able  to offer comfort and support to in-patients, out-patients, carers and staff.  I was thoroughly vetted and given specialist training in dealing with grief, death, listening skills and health & safety.  I now work mainly with private clients, using my experience to create individualised healing and group programmes.


I have extensive experience supporting people with chronic pain, terminal illness, grief, depression, anxiety, abusive relationships, personal development, spiritual development, finding purpose, developing intuition, self-esteem and confidence.

Reiki helps 

Reiki Reading Recommendation:

Torsten A Lange is the Hay House author for Reiki and also happens to be my teacher and mentor!  We have worked together promoting the benefits of Reiki for many years and I highly recommend reading his book about Reiki:

Christina Costa | Reiki Master 

E:  reikichristina@gmail.com

T:  +44 (0)7855 360642

A:  Hutton, Essex, UK

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