Back from Brazil and Ready to Reiki!

After two and a half years of daily self-treatments with an energy healing system called Reiki, I finally feel ready to share what I have learned with others.

I have just returned from a month long trip dancing around Brazil. I was with such a supportive group of new friends that I felt completely comfortable connecting to Reiki in front of them and offering them Reiki treatments. The 'Reiki Hammock' was especially popular!

I would like to promote awareness of Reiki and to share how practising Reiki benefits myself and others. I will be doing this in a series of blogs on my website and social media. I hope that you will join me there soon!

P.S. This picture was taken on a hike on Ilha Grande, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Massive thanks to Julia and Jonathan and the team at Forró Adventures for the fantastic trip! (find out more at

#reiki #reikibrazil

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