Reiki on the Deck

Brazil was such an inspiring place for me to visit. More than that, it was so liberating to spend time with a group of people who were supportive and open minded. I explained to my travelling companions that I did Reiki, so that if they saw me lying in a hammock with my hands on my head chakra, they knew what I was doing! Naturally they were curious, and I was happy to share the Reiki and give them treatments as well as myself!

After a short time, people kept appearing and asking if I could help with their sore knee, or emotional stress, or even a hangover! I was happy to oblige and I'd like to thank Lucas for his great shot of me treating Alexandra on the deck in Itaúnas, Brazil:

Alexandra says:

"I had never had the pleasure of getting to know Chrissie until Itaúnus where we were both at a forró dancing festival. I am friends with many of Chrissie’s friends and was visiting my friends who I knew from London and the forró scene there. Whilst I was there I saw Chrissie was helping one particular girl and they were busy in meditation. After they finished I asked what they were doing? Chrissie said that she had studied Reiki and was helping another friend with her knee.

I found this so beautiful of her to be on a holiday and still wanting to offer Reiki for free to help people. I believe this gives you an insight to the type of person that Chrissie is and how much she believes in Reiki. I had had Reiki in the past and knew the benefits of it and so was keen to have some as I had been really been having some problems with one of my ears.

Chrissie had no hesitation in wanting to help me. She has a very calm and positive energy and makes you feel truly at peace and also very relaxed. During the Reiki session I saw blue colours and I felt truly at peace and after wards I felt I had a lot more energy. Chrissie spent time discussing Reiki with me and she is truly passionate about it. I felt that she was willing to discuss the different types of Reiki and also help with some life questions I had."

Thanks so much for your review Alexandra and I look forward to working with you again when you're back from Brazil!

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