The Benefits of Reiki in Sports

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Alternative therapies are becoming increasingly popular within the world of professional sport. With therapies such as acupuncture, homeopathy and reiki regularly being used in the treatment of sports injuries. As well as the inclusion of yoga and pilates in the training programmes to aid conditioning, strength and flexibility. Individual athletes and teams are now looking for natural, safe and legal ways to give them the edge in their chosen sport.

Reiki is an ancient therapy developed in the eastern world. The method of receiving a Reiki treatment is a very simple process. The recipient remains fully clothed, either laying on a treatment couch or in a sitting/standing position, while the practitioner(s) gently place their hands, non-intrusively in a sequence of positions around the body. With no manipulation, this is safe and gentle and works well alongside other training methods and treatments.

For athletes, Reiki is a supportive training aid. It’s a tool that can be used anytime, anyplace for on-the-spot stress release, pain relief and to boost energy levels. It’s also an excellent aid for sports injuries. The intense relaxation reached during a reiki treatment along with the heat often experienced, help to sooth and have a deeply restorative effect on the targeted areas, thus resulting in a quicker recovery rate. With regular treatments this may even help to reduce further injury.

From a scientific point of view, Reiki produces results on an electromagnetic level. From recent research, it appears Reiki acts to electromagnetically ‘jump-start’ the body’s own healing process by producing changes in vibrational frequency that, in turn, stimulate physical changes in the body. Basically, Reiki enables the body to experience a truly restful state, breathing becomes slower and deeper allowing oxygen to reach all the vital organs and cells. Circulation improves and any blockages and toxins are eliminated. Energy flows freely and effectively, re-balancing body and mind.

Today professional athletes must deal with all kinds of pressure, stress, emotions and injury. Reiki helps to mentally prepare the sports person and manage the stress and any pre-performance nerves associated with a high pressure event or competition. It can also be used to deal with issues of self doubt which may result in a lack of form. Reiki has a calming and reassuring effect on the mind, lowering stress levels and enabling the recipient to re-gain focus and confidence.

Many professional sports people incorporate Reiki into their lifestyles, such as Rugby players, footballers, golfers etc. Some famous examples are: Olympic double medallist Hayden Roulsten who, in 2006, was diagnosed with a rare heart disease that can cause sudden death. Considering retirement at just 25 while confined to a bed in intensive care, he was given hope through a friend and a chance meeting with a Reiki practitioner. A course of treatment helped him, against the odds, make a successful return to top level cycling. Ever since he had reiki, he has never had a heart problem. New York Giants Footballer Charles Way who suffered a chronic knee injury. Admitting to being slightly sceptical, he received regular Reiki treatment and was amazed by the results. You can see his testimonial on You Tube

Many PGA Golfers have turned to one particular Reiki practitioner, Jim Weathers, a former Green Beret, who uses Reiki among other therapies. He has treated a number of golfers over the years, including Jack Nicklaus, Phil Mickelson, Jerry Kelly, Fred Funk and Ted Purdy. For 25 years Weathers has been travelling the continent treating race car drivers, rodeo competitors, ultimate fighters and a myriad of other athletes. Many articles have been written about him, here is just one to take a look at the New York Times article.

Reiki won’t make you win or lose, but it can help teams or individuals to be better prepared for their work, both mentally and physically. Reiki can assist the body’s natural healing abilities and generally give a sense of balance. It could be the secret weapon for today’s athletes, coaches and trainers. Reiki is fast, simple and effective. No tools are needed, just body, mind and spirit. Feel good, play and compete better, improve overall performance.

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