Reiki for Horses

October 25, 2017

Today I offered Reiki to horses for the first time and it was beautiful 😍🐴⭐️

My case studies were:

Ash, a 17yr old Arabian mare


Milly, a 31yr old ex-riding school pony

Ash had recently been unsettled as she had moved stables and her owner had moved away. She was very open to the Reiki and moved her head towards me straight away. Her face and muzzle relaxed and her eyes half closed. She moved so that I was positioned closer to her rear end and relaxed when my hands were above her lower back. Her owner later told me that she suffered with back pain.

Milly was shy at first and turned her head away. I continued to offer her Reiki from a distance and every now and then she would turn her head a little taking a sneak peek at me. Eventually she grew more accustomed to the feeling at let me give her reiki with my hands on her neck. Then she moved so that hands were over her near hindquarters. Her eyes half closed and her muscles twitched. Every now and then she turned to look at my hands. Her owner later told me that she suffers from arthritis in her near side hip.

After the treatments, the owner was really pleased and told me that she could tell the Reiki had worked because of the physical reactions in her horses. 




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