Research shows that Reiki reduces pain, depression, state anxiety and enhances self-esteem

November 4, 2017

Does Reiki reduce pain, depression and state anxiety?


Can Reiki enhance your self-esteem?


According to the studies referenced below the answers are YES (especially three months after the first session)


The more I practice Reiki, the more amazed I am by the experiences of people receiving Reiki.   There have been studies done about the effects and I’d like to share some with you today.


Wirth, Brelantevine and Rodriquez conducted a double blind study (N=21) comparing two groups of patients who had dental extractions and found those who received Reiki had significantly less postoperative pain


Olson and Hanson completed a pilot study including 20 subjects experiencing pain at 55 sites for a variety of reasons and the results showed significant reduction in pain following a Reiki treatment


S.L. Van Sell, in Reiki: An Ancient Touch Therapy (1996) says those who practice Reiki report that a general sense of well-being is a key benefit of Reiki treatments


Below I have focussed on a study called:  EFFECTS OF REIKI ON PAIN AND SELECTED AFFECTIVE AND PERSONALITY VARIABLES OF CHRONICALLY ILL PATIENTS - Linda J Dressen, Sangeeta Singg, Department of Psychology & Sociology, Angelo State University, Texas.  It’s available to read in full here:


The study uses 120 patients with chronic illness who were randomly assigned groups of men and women comparing Reiki to Progressive Muscle Relaxation Therapy, No Therapy and False Reiki.


Here are my favourite quotes from the study:


Pain gains made by recipients of Reiki were maintained over longer periods of time and significant reduction did take place at the 3 month follow up testing


The largest treatment effect was noted on depression with a dramatic decrease in depression in those who received Reiki


The participants showed higher levels of stress and anxiety at pre-testing


HIV positive patient’s lab work after only two of the ten Reiki treatments indicated a dramatic rise in CD4 cell count


Conclusions of the study:


Reiki is an effective modality for reducing pain, depression and state anxiety.  Of those receiving Reiki, men tend to show greater reduction in depression than women.


Reiki is effective in enhancing desirable changes in personality.  Persons tend to show decreased trait anxiety, self-esteem enhancement and greater sense of internal locus of control.  Further, their belief in their personal control tends to become more realistic


The gains made by Reiki tend to persist over longer periods of time.  Furthermore, after a three month period, significant reduction tends to occur in sensory and attentive qualities of pain and Total Pain Rating Index



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