Tips on Finding the Time to Meditate

Wow! Two new Reiki patients today experiencing Reiki for the first time and they were both astounded! One felt her heart palpitations calm down and an overall sense of peace without worrying thoughts going through her mind like they usually do. The other struggled to put her experience into words but came out with ‘tingly’ ‘saw colours’ and ‘weird!’ This happens often as Reiki is not like things we come across in our usual everyday lives. I found myself prescribing ‘Reiki homework’ today to enhance the effects of the Reiki treatment until I see them again next week. What was this homework? Meditation. It’s so simple and yet so hard to fit into a busy day, even for a Reiki Master! This shot is taken from a holiday in Brazil surrounded by waterfalls... a perfect spot to meditate by how to approach that in our normal lives? Well I believe it comes down to self-care and prioritising YOU. There is always something else you could be doing, however, when you say to yourself ‘YOU are more important. YOU are my priority’ then you can raise your self-esteem at the same time. I hope this works for you! Light and love, Christina

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