Tracy the Troll

December 6, 2019


I have been very lucky that in five years of practising Reiki, I have never had anyone openly criticise what I do.  Until today….. Enter Tracy the Troll!


People often ask me how I deal with adverse reactions from people once they hear that I do Reiki.  The worst I had experienced previously was a polite ‘that isn’t really for me,’ or when someone admits after a treatment that beforehand they thought it was a load of rubbish but they tried it anyway (and were always surprised to feel something that to them was inexplicable).


Today Tracy wrote on my facebook page that “Reiki is a gift that you are born with you can’t learn it it’s either in you or it’s not .... CON”


When I read this, I went through a range of emotions from upset to indignant to angry but then luckily I heard “Don’t be angry” – the first Reiki principle (this is the auto-hypnosis I tell you about on courses- it’s times like these it really pays off to repeat the principles daily).


You learn The Reiki Principles on a Reiki Level I course.  They give you an opportunity to pause and calmly decide how to act in a way that brings light into the situation.  I’m very proud of my response:


“Hi Tracy, thanks for sharing your views about my course. 

I agree that some people have natural healing abilities, however, the vast majority need some help and guidance to be able to get there. 

The word ‘Reiki’ has two meanings: 1) ‘great bright light’ 2) the healing system created by Mikao Usui in Japan. 

There are many ways to connect to yourself, others and the universe. I’m a musician so music was one way that I did this before learning Reiki. However, I’ve found that learning Reiki deepens this connection and enhances other activities, spiritual or not.

Everyone CAN learn Reiki and please look at the testimonials page on my Facebook page and my website if you would like to hear from former students. (

Reiki is a recognised Complementary Therapy and is even used in the NHS across the UK, particularly to help with the side effects of cancer treatments.

I can assure that that I personally knew nothing about Reiki before participating in a course five years ago. I now work as a Reiki Therapist at a local hospice and help people with long term illnesses, their carers and staff by giving them Reiki treatments. I am part of a thriving Complementary Therapy department dedicated to offering these treatments to those in need for free. 

I offer Reiki courses to the wider community because not everyone has access to or can afford to have a treatment every week. I want to empower people to learn so that they can do their own self-treatments as well as helping those around them.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to explain my motivations for offering this course. 

Love and light,


While I was writing my response I found a new way to express my passion for teaching Reiki as well as a renewed confidence that I am on the right path.  I ended feeling very grateful towards Tracy the Troll for inspiring me to write so clearly about why I want to teach Reiki to as many people as I can, of all ages.


I also realised what an abundant amount of ‘proof’ I have about the efficacy of Reiki:  from student testimonials to flowers and thank you cards from patients and clients. If I ever had any doubts that Reiki ‘works’ then those days are long gone and I am so proud to call myself a Reiki Practitioner.

Back from Brazil and Ready to Reiki

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