The Power of Change

March 11, 2020

Energy is constantly changing:  sunlight is processed by plants and changed, heat is applied to food which changes, our bodies reproduce cells which are constantly changing.


Connecting to Reiki brings about changes in our body, emotions, mind and sense of spirituality. 


Sometimes the changes are obvious: pain eases, emotions calm, the mind focuses, we feel reassured.  Sometimes the changes are more subtle and we look back over time and the choices we have made and wonder:  how much did Reiki affect my life?


I recently returned to Verbier, Switzerland for a snowboarding trip with my husband.  I lived in Verbier nine years ago (before Reiki!) in a swashbuckling stage of my life spent touring Europe all Summer on a 18-35s coach and spending the winters at the plentiful après-ski bars in resort.  Although this may seem to be living the dream, I reached a stage where I was searching for deeper meaning in my life and felt a little empty in such an ever changing lifestyle.


After I left Verbier, Reiki came into my life and I soon found myself promoted to running trips for our luxury brand with older guests and based back home again, in Essex.  For the first time in almost ten years, I had: a fixed home, close to family, role volunteering in the community and now a husband!


I often wonder where I would be if I had not discovered Reiki.


The biggest change that Reiki brought about for me is stability.  How about you?




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