7 Ways to Adapt Reiki During Coronavirus

March 17, 2020


Currently there is no medical cure for Coronovirus and Reiki is known to boost the body’s self-healing abilities as well as to balance emotions.  The world needs Reiki now more than ever before!


  1. Offer a distant Reiki treatment

  2. Offer a hands off Reiki treatment

  3. Wash hands before and after the treatment and avoid touching the face

  4. Clean surfaces in the treatment area 

  5. Avoid hugs and replace with Gassho or Namaste

  6. Anyone with symptoms should rebook

  7. Use this as an opportunity to practice the core Reiki principles of oneness and kindness


This picture is taken from a Reiki Level Two Course last year.  I ask all students to bring in a teddy bear on the second day of the course and then they practice sending Reiki across the hall to a different room where their partners are lying down on a treatment couch.  My favourite part is after the treatment has finished and they go across to get feedback - everyone is flabbergasted that it worked and they're so into discussing the experiences felt during the treatment that I cannot get them to be quiet again!


The next Reiki 2 Course will be held the 25th and 26th April 2020 at Merrymeade House, Brentwood, Essex.


Please contact: reikichristina@gmail.com to book

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Contact Christina at:  reikichristina@gmail.com

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