Work With Discipline - using Zoom Reiki

March 30, 2020

This is definitely one of the most overlooked Reiki Principles for me. I am a motivated person so having to focus on discipline never seems to be the most pressing issue of the day.


However, I really believe that it’s so important for a Reiki Teacher to ‘walk the walk.’  When I teach Reiki, I recommend that my students practise Reiki for at least half an hour every day in either a self-treatment or a meditation.  I know that for my students, and especially myself, this is something that can easily fall by the wayside.


It’s like many other things: we know that exercise is good for us, healthy eating too, smoking is bad etc.  However there is a big gap between knowing something and actually taking action.  I learnt this lesson well when I read Alan Carr’s ‘Stop Smoking’ book.  Smokers know how bad smoking is for their health and telling them that it’s bad simply makes them feel more guilty about smoking but rarely makes them stop.  You stop by figuring out why you smoke and then finding other ways to fulfill that need.  I realised that I smoked because it was a way to take a small break and to fit easily into an intimate social occasion.  Once I realised this, I stopped.  The feeling of empowerment was amazing!


Now, back to Reiki.  I know that I want to meditate every day because it makes me feel amazing and my day always goes better after starting with a Reiki meditation.   I know that I need to be a part of something bigger than myself in order to carry this goal out.  I’ve organised group Reiki mediations on Zoom so that we can make an appointment to meditate together.  It really helps to see each other, have a short chat and say ‘good morning’ and then get on with the meditation.  I always feel more focused meditating in a group (including leading it!) and this regular commitment works as the perfect motivation for me (and hopefully for you too!)


I would love for you to join me on this Reiki journey!  Meditating is definitely easier when you’ve learned Reiki so if you haven’t already, please join me on a Reiki 1 course.  If you already have Reiki 1 then please book your meditation online!  


Please go to to book through the website.


Love and Light,




Back from Brazil and Ready to Reiki

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