An Interview with Reiki Master Christina

May 17, 2020

Christina offers online holistic healing to individuals and groups.




What benefits do you get from Reiki?


Reiki is my superpower!  I connect to this energy source so many times during the day to help with everything from creating a new business logo to practising the cello and checking in with myself.


What is Reiki? Can anyone learn energy healing?


Reiki is simple and easy for everyone to learn although building it in a daily routine can be more of a challenge. Reiki is a form of meditation with benefits for both the practitioner and the recipient.  


Is Reiki scientifically proven?


Some of benefits are measurable: e.g. slowed breathing, slowed heart rate and brain waves slowing down. Alpha is when the brain waves have the electromagnetic frequency 8-13Hz and it is the 'restorative' frequency our body uses whilst daydreaming and meditating. In studies, including that of Zimmerman in the USA in 1990 and Seto in Japan in 1992, both the practitioner and the recipient experience the slowing of brain waves to alpha or theta. What's even more amazing is that their brain waves also synchronise!


Does Reiki have the same health benefits as meditation?


Yes, Reiki is a form of meditation. Independent research has been gathered from more than 200 universities, hospitals and research institutions in 27 countries. It shows that people who regularly slow down their brain waves practise 'primary prevention' and have a marked reduction in hospital visits and doctors visits (demonstrated in a study of meditators over a five year period).


How do I know if Reiki will benefit me?


We are not yet able to measure all the benefits of Reiki with physical instruments and have to rely on an old fashioned method: trial and error!  The person receiving the Reiki is the ONLY person who can assess themselves before, during and after receiving the Reiki treatment or 'absorbing the Reiki waves.'  Just like when we listen to certain sound waves, or music, we feel relaxed, other sound waves make us want to jump up and dance.  It is very individual to the person and some days music that usually makes you want to dance, might make you want to sleep if you are feeling tired on that day. It is the same with Reiki.

Will Reiki work straightaway or does it take time?


It depends on the person receiving the Reiki. For example, sometimes you might not like music the first time you hear it but after time it grows to be one of your favourites. You just needed some time to get used to it and really resonate with it. Other times, you might immediately love a song and when you hear it you get all excited and jump up and down yelling 'it's my favourite song! Let's dance!'  It is the same with Reiki.

How do I know that it was the Reiki that healed me and not something else?


It's difficult to know for sure. The most important thing is that you feel better!  For example, sometimes after an evening out you know you feel better but you're not sure if it was because of listening to music, the physical movement of dancing or hugging and laughing with friends. Maybe it was a combination of all three. The only way to know for sure, is trial and error and monitoring your own physical and emotional state.  It's the same process to figure out if Reiki is helping you, or if it's taking half an hour to lie down that's helping you, or both!

Is Reiki a complete energy healing system or just a complementary therapy?


Learning Reiki gives us a well-established and proven philosophical approach to life and a way to structure daily meditation practice.  After learning Reiki, we can incorporate living holistically (i.e. monitoring our physical and mental wellbeing) and making changes to improve and enhance our lives. Giving treatments to yourself and others is part of Reiki but arguably practising Reiki meditations daily and living by the Reiki Principles is more important.

Do people find it easier to meditate after learning Reiki?


Yes! Students often remark that they never really got on with meditation but after learning Reiki it's much easier for them. It is one thing to know that meditation is good for you and another entirely to really understand how it is helping you. Regular self-practice ensures that you are able to monitor your own physical and mental wellbeing. You quickly become aware of any problems and  can make small changes with a big impact.

Does Reiki work on both the body and the mind?

Yes, Reiki is a holistic healing method which takes the whole of the person's life into account - a 360 view. This is based on psychology! Abraham Maslow made a triangular hierarchy of needs.  At the bottom are basic, physiological needs: e.g. food, warmth, water, and safety. Above those are belongingness and love needs. It is difficult to move up the triangle towards esteem and self-actualisation (i.e. achieving your full potential) until you've got the levels below covered.  


So can Reiki help a person achieve their full potential? 


NO!  The personmakes themselves achieve their full potential. Reiki helps them along their way.

Why Reiki and not just meditation? Why does Reiki have a capital 'R'? 


Well, Reiki comes from a source outside of ourselves.  Hence the capital 'R.'  This is capitalised out of respect because generally intelligent sources outside of ourselves that are not other humans are believed to be divine.  Now this is where it gets REALLY personal: Reiki is translated from the Japanese as meaning:

-universal energy (i.e. energy from the 'Universe')


-spiritually guided energy.

If you believe in God, then you may believe that Reiki is energy sent from God.  If you believe in Allah, then it's energy sent from Allah.  If you believe that the universe controls everything, then it comes from the universe. If you don't believe in anything, then it is simply 'energy.' Reiki is also translated as 'bright, white, light.'

How do I know that the Reiki wave comes from an outside source and is not created by the practitioner's mind? 


Trial and Error.  When I give someone a Reiki treatment and try really hard, I can feel a physical straining and I feel really tired after. This is because I'm using my own energy (called 'ki' in Japan and 'chi' in China). When I give someone a Reiki treatment and I simply make the connection to Reiki and trust Reiki to do the rest, I finish the treatment feeling charged up with energy and the person receiving the treatment STILL HAS THE SAME EXPERIENCE!  This is truly miraculous and just goes to show how much our egos get in the way sometimes.

So how can Reiki benefit me?


Well that depends on how far up Maslow's triangle you are.  You might remember to drink more water after receiving Reiki which helps to fulfil the bottom level of the triangle. You might become aware of thoughts in your head which are damaging your self-esteem and then find a way to eradicate them (if you can figure this out yourself then you're a legend, most others including myself had some kind of therapy or coaching along the way to accomplish this huge step!).  If you're already pretty high up the triangle then Reiki may help to give you that final push up to achieve your full potential.

What qualifications and experience do you have?


I'm a fully qualified Reiki Master / Teacher and I'm independently accredited by the CNHC to practise Reiki.  The CNHC is a UK governmental regulatory body and practitioners have to undergo extensive training and be invited to become a registrant.  I'm fully insured with Balens to practise and teach Reiki worldwide, online and offline. I studied Reiki with Torsten Lange at the Reiki Academy London and studied a combination of two lineages:  the Western which focuses mainly on Reiki as a complementary therapy, and the Eastern which focuses on Reiki as a spiritual path.  I can trace my lineage back to the founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui and have carried out extensive research on Reiki practice from practitioners around the world. I work in a combination of private practice, clinical environments, training and mentoring.


What really matters for you is how receiving Reiki treatments and training will improve your life.  And the only one who can be the measure of that is you. 

Do you like what you've heard so far? 


Take a moment to listen to yourself: focus inwards and feel into your heart, body and mind.  Words carry energy so you should have an idea by now if you would like to work with me.  Thank you for reading this far down the page!

If you like what you see, please get in touch 

and we can connect with ABSOLUTELY NO OBLIGATION.  

The first rule of Reiki is 'Do Not Worry!'  


I'm still 'walking my walk' and learning every day, but I know that life's trials and tribulations would be so much harder without having Reiki as my ever-present problem-solver and rock.

Send me a message, share your story and we can work out a way forward, together.

Big love,


​Would you like to try out Reiki for FREE? The healing Reiki vibrations can also be carried on sound waves and I've personally recorded a 45minute track for you to listen to.  Run a bath, turn up the speakers and feel the Reiki vibrations healing your body and mind. From me to you, enjoy!








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