Lesley Larsen, former Receptionist

Noak Bridge, Essex

After a treatment with me, Lesley sat up on the couch and said: "That's better than a night's sleep!"

Alexandra Bence, Veterinary Surgeon

London, UK

" I had had reiki in the past and knew the benefits of it and so was keen to have some as I had been really been having some problems with one of my ears. Christina had no hesitation in wanting to help me. She has a very calm and positive energy and makes you feel truly at peace and also very relaxed. During the Reiki session I saw blue colours and I felt truly at peace and after wards I felt I had a lot more energy.  Christina spent time discussing Reiki with me and she is truly passionate about it. I felt that she was willing to discuss the different types of Reiki treatments available and also help with some life questions I had."

Jeannie Wilkinson Bader, Yoga Teacher

Billericay, Essex

"Thank you so much! I feel so relaxed and this has made me realise that I really need to spend time on myself again."

Christine Little, former Teacher

Wilmslow, Cheshire

After a distance Reiki treatment:

"Thanks so much for sending me Reiki!

My breathing became slow and deep immediately, I felt swathes of love from friends and family, coming into the house. I focused on the two accidents and took the pain out of the falls. My head & face ached a bit. I felt a definite massaging of my wrist, which was lovely. I was laid down for 26 mins and then wanted to sit up, take stock, and drink some water. I am now pleasantly calm!

I don't know how you have done this! Amazing!

You are so gifted!"

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Wow - I didn't think that was going to work but the minute you put your hands on my ankle it felt like warm liquid going to exactly where the pain was




You've got really powerful hands - they're like radiators!



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